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the intrepid story

Hey Friiiiiends!

You’re probably wonderin about intrepid pug, and want a little intel as to why I’m doin all these crazy cool extreme sports?


Well, ya might think, Pugs are not “intrepid.” Most peeps think, “Yeah, they’re cute as f**k, but all they do is eat, sleep, poop, lap surf, and eat/sleep/poop some more.” Admittedly, we’re pretty epic snorytellers, but we do love playin too.

In fact, some of us love to play hard . . . and adventure! I’m living proof. But, I’m not gonna lie to ya. I love to do that other pug stuff too. I especially dig cheese. Any kind. Doesn’t matter if it smells like butt crack like some of them fancy French cheeses. In fact, those are some of my faves. I could bathe in Vieux Boulogne and be happy as f**k!

the roots

I digress, so, let’s start from the beginning. When I came into this world, my owners called me Bobby (Lame-ass name, although my current smartass owners call be Blobby, Blob Marley, Blobba the Hut, Count Blobula, etc. sometimes because I love to crash when I’m not adventurin. BTW, the dumbasses also call me Slobby, Slob Marley, Slobert Redford etc. when I eat. They should try eatin with a friggin smooshed in face and see if they don’t make a total mess.).


Anyhow, though my first owners loved me a bunch, they had a kid and couldn’t take care of me anymore (yeah riiight! Tell me that shouldn’t have warranted a call to DPS – Dog Protection Services. Is DPS a thing?). So, this super cool couple, especially the dude, decided to let me crash at their place for, well, as long as I wanted. Little did I know, my new peeps were total outdoor adventurers, and my life was about to change . . . drastically.


Good thing for me, the first thing they did was change my name to Scooter. It stuck. Pretty cool name if ya ask me. Best. Peeps. EVER.

the adventures

Alright, let’s start with all the places I’ve lived in my 10 years: San Francisco, Santa Ana, San Diego, Idyllwild, Portland, OR and Huntington Beach, to name a few. But the places I’ve traveled are a whole nother thing. There’s a lotta tread on these paws and I’ve visited, at least, 18 states and a buncha places in Canada, including Vancouver Island. Gotta love road trips! BTW, can’t even tell ya how many waterin holes I’ve been to. Dive bars, bougie bars, sports bars, hipster bars, gay bars, badass bars . . .


I’ve trekked thousands of miles across unimaginable terrains (ok, maybe not thousands, but I don’t keep a friggin pedometer in my collar!), with my own little legs, well, sometimes, and sometimes over my pop’s shoulder or in a “kiddie” pack (Hey, 1 step of theirs is like 20 for me so there’s no shame in being carried on occasion. F-you if you’re eye-rollin or laughin!).


tree puggerI’ve spent, at least, a hundred nights sleepin in tents, some of em roughin it in Grizz country (With only a can of bear spray and a huntin knife. Really!? My dad’s pretty bad ass, but he’s no Wu Shu Grizz master. My money’s on the bear.).


I’ve surfed all the coolest surf spots in San Diego and Huntington Beach (told ya my dude owner-ok, dad—is cool); skateboarded beach boardwalks and the streets of The City (SF for those not in the know. And don’t even think about callin it Frisco. I’ll piss on ya if you do.); paddled for clean water in OB; bouldered in Wyoming and the mountains of Idyllwild; kayaked across a bunch of lakes in Vancouver, BC as well as all over Oregon. I met and became BFFs with a moose calf while camping in Teton National Forest (who I named “Rex.” His mom “Matilda” was a nag though); had a close encounter with a big ass black bear who ransacked our campsite while camping with my mom at Mt. Hood (she was badass in getting my lazy ass outta the tent and makin a b-line for the car. She saved my pug ass!), paddleboarded the lakes of Wisconsin, Michigan, and the waters of San Diego and OC; biked the streets of SF and SoCal; hiked sections of the Pacific Crest Trail, snowshoed in Yosemite and SoCal (Yeah, it snows in SoCal so don’t be throwin shade!). I’ve also been to over 2 dozen national parks and forests. Can you say the same?


Besides all this adventurin, I thought you might like to know a few other deets about me. For all the ladies out there, I’m a Cancer, I’m single, and I love to cuddle (I didn’t write that “cuddle” sh*t, my mom did when she edited this. Although I’m not sayin I don’t like to spoon and cuddle.).  Again, cheese is my fave. I’m also a music lover, and I’m super chill. Oh, and if you’re wonderin ladies, my mom and pops have my anal sac expressed pretty regularly, so no more awkward social situations like the one I had in a bar in SF (only pugs and their peeps will know what I’m talkin about).

a shout out to my two and four-legged friends

Oh, hey, wanna do a quick shout-out to all my pug homies, Bud (RIP, buddy), Steel (you’re a pain in the ass but I luv ya), Rocky, “King” Arthur (you’ve never met a carrot you didn’t like), Franklin (you’re almost as good looking as me). And, finally, Patches (Bro, you’ve earned lifetime membership in the Cheese Brotherhood) and Naya, even though you’re a Weimaraner, you’re pretty hot.


To all the pug (and dog/pet) lovers out there, and I know there are billions of ya, please keep lovin us and takin us on adventures. Ya know somethin’s terribly wrong or off when peeps say sh*t like “I didn’t know pugs can go in water?” when they see me surfin, kayakin and paddleboardin (Not kiddin. That sh*t happens all the time). Granted, my peeps are dialed in to my safety and so make me always wear a life vest and doggles in the water. But I’m cool with that.


And finally, don’t forget there are tons of Pug Rescues across the country who really need your love and support. Not all peeps are as kind and lovin as mine. So PLEASE, show your local pug or animal shelter some love. One kick-ass thing about the whole intrepid pug thing is my pops is gonna give 10% of the proceeds from all the gear he sells on this site to different pug rescues across the country. I told ya he was cool. BTW, as he’s helpin me type this, we’re drinkin margaritas and listenin to chill beats. Life’s good.



intrepid pug


P.S. Shout out to the peeps at SewOn who make the intrepid pug gear. Tyler and crew are Friggin awesome!

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